Monday blues

Monday are truly more depressing than Sundays. The week stretches out and the weekend is not in sight. I am teaching English 1020 this semester on how to articulate and write convincing arguments. We worked on a long exercise and then we discussed how the following video is an argument. Thankfully, no one was offended.

For the class in the evening on publishing, I have also become a part of the group which will work on a multimedia project to boost website traffic and sale of the department’s literary journal, The Pinch.

Amit gave an online MBA exam, cooked paratha, while I struggled with Deconstruction and Major Barbara.  He had a childhood memory of a Marwari couple eating lunch while he and his family were returning from Chilka Lake. We had the same dinner: paratha, cut cucumbers and onions, and pickles. We added just one more dish- Choley.


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