Filling Friday

For the tummy-filling and brain nourishing lunch.

After class today where we had a brainstorming session on potential topics, I went for lunch with my CAP at RP Tracks. I had a grilled chicken burrito which was a lot. RP has amazing food- good value for food. Got to know a few things about my University and we listed the things we wanted from our CAP sessions.

Went to the Health Center today. Spent a confusing on ehour at the library for my 3 topics for my seminar paper.

Amit got a haircut and compliments :). We went to a birthday party after meeting my classmate. Most of the girls at the party wanted my permission to be Amit’s date which suited me fine :D. Dinner was vegetable biryani, bhatura and black chole. Dessert was fried bread in sugar syrup- amazing.


Talkative Thursday

For the reason I was more or less quiet. Completed correcting homework and classwork- 4 sets of papers. Overslept slightly as Amit thought that I should catch up on my sleep.

The drama class wasn’t good simply because I don’t like Murder in the Cathedral. Was quite for most part of the class. Had a feeling of deja vu when my professor asked me to get 3 topics for the end-of-term seminar paper next week. I have also asked my students to get 3 topics for their researched argument. Life is strange 😦

Amit made potato fritters for dinner.


Worldly Wednesday

For the knowledge I got about the past.

Classes were all right though was sleepy in the afternoon class again. Anu and I watched A Soldier’s Story as a part of the commemoration of the black History Month at our University. Free pizza was an added bonus with a walk in the night drizzle. Denzel Washington was so young!

Amit completed one of his online exams.

Ten Under Tuesday

In honor of the dinner we had tonight.

Happy Valentines day! Went to the University to correct the entries of the 400-word dash in Wordsmith. Free pizza, chocolate cake adn soft drinks followed.

Amit was tired out and I researched on my paper for Literary Research- will do it on Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad.

We had planned to go Chili’s but decided on Burger King because of the freezing temperatures. Donner was under $10. Club sandwich was free with Italian one. We watched Gone in 60 Seconds which we both enjoyed.


Misty Monday

At least that is what i was hoping it would be. But no snow and no cancellation of school :(. Collected the Rhetorical Argument Analysis today and assigned the Annotated Bibliography. My students summarized an article on Facebook’s Privacy by each paragraph. Complted the reading log, devoted an hour reading submissions for The Pinch in their office.

Snow for 2 minutes. After a simple lunch together and much needed sleep, I was ready to attend the Literary Publishing class. We put bookmarks and social networking labels in the new issues and made them ready to be delivered to the subscribers.

Amit’s freinds Kuldeep had come in the evening regarding our trip in the spring break.

Dinner was paratha, curd, pickle, cucumber and onion.

Slow Sunday

My university holds an annual program for school children from the seventh to the twelfth grades called Wordsmith. It was held today and I was a proctor there: a fancy term to say that I volunteered to distribute and collect papers of the participants. There were 40, 80 (100) and 120 word dashes and a 400 word dash for the ribbon winners in each category.

Food included coffee, sweet tea, fruits, cheese, cookies and orange juice. I enjoyed myself with the participants, faculty members and fellow students.

Amit was in a meeting about his Hilton Project for the whole evening. Came home and studied.

Sleepy Saturday

Cleaned out the study today: got rid of bills, posters, last semester study materials, tickets, coupons, cardboard boxes, and other kinds of paper. Completed my reading log while Amit was working on his Hilton Project. Continued studying till late at night even though we went out for a movie which was cancelled. Dinner was rice and mutton curry.