Fearsome Friday

Apparently, the scariest day ever as it is Friday the 13th today. However, it was actually a good day. I stayed at home as I do not work on Fridays. Amit and I shopped for ingredients to make Chicken Biryani Kolkata Style. This is the recipe we followed.

Dinner was Chicken Biryani while watching the first part of Gangs of Wasseypur.



I am back! (Dumroll)

I have been away for so long. Guess maintaining a daily blog is not my cup of tea. But I will try. 

Places Amit and I visited together: Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida during the spring break.

Places I visited alone: Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. 

Places Amit visited during summer: home 😦 a.k.a India. But it is all right, I will visit in December. 

Movies I saw: many. 

Summer was spent cooking disasters. Also ate A Memphis Thang sandwich at Arcade Restaurant where Elvis Presley wrote songs while eating breakfast, Gibson’s Doughnuts where you can get the freshest doughnuts 24X7 from a little as 61 cents, Creme Brulatte and French Toast for breakfast at Cafe Eclectic and Arroz Con Pollo at Cafe Ole

I am working in the department over the summer- shredding ancient files, making inventories, updating the website, researching on study abroad programs, brainstorming to make the departmental website better and more up-to-date, and helping out in organizing files. The best part? I finally managed to beak the 5-year old shredder ;).

That is all that I can remember for now 😛