Biryani- 5 kinds

There is something about biryani that brings out the foodie in each Indian. I think we should pass a law making it the national dish on India. And the best part is that there are so many kinds to choose from, catering to everyone: be i chicken mutton (lamb/goat), egg, or fish, or cooked in different styles like dum, or kacchii, or created in different regions imparting their peculiar flavors like Hyderabadi, Bengali, or Mughlai.

We decided to eat out today but could not decide between ribs, Chinese, or Mexican. Falling back on an Indian favorite, we decided to try the dinner buffet at Taj Indian Cuisine at Bentonville. The buffet was 12.5 but it had five different kinds if bryani: chicken, Hyderabadi dum chicken, vegetarian, fish, and goat. It also served raita, gajar ka halwa, and two other kinds of dessert. We both were in heaven!

chicken_biryaniPicture courtesy:


Sourdough Pizzas

Couponing is something that I suck at. usually the coupons don’t work or we end up paying way extra. Freebies are fun, though. However, the coupons that we got in mail last time had some by Scholtzsky’s. We had never tried this chain before but with a BOGO free sourdough pizza, we decided to give it  a shot. I called them up before and they said that the offer was valid.

Each pizza was 8 inches and sufficient for one person. Amit ordered a smoked turkey and jalapeno and I ordered a grilled chicken and pesto. The dinner cost us 4.99 plus tax. We bought Lay’s Stax and finished the dinner with Coke.  A proper unhealthy but delicious dinner 😉


Bentonville, AR

Bentonville, AR is famous as the location of Walmart headquarters. it is about 30 minutes away from Fayetteville. It is also an extremely beautiful city. We visited the Walmart Visitor Center at Bentonville today. It comprised of a museum chronicling the history of the Waltons and Walmart, a shop called Walton’s 5&10 and a cafe, The Spark Cafe Soda Fountain. It also has an FB page. Thankfully, the weather was not so chilly 🙂 . It was an informative visit, we bought a postcard and a mug as souvenirs.

We have also discovered an Indian store at Bentonville that not only sells the regular groceries and spices, but also lamb and fish, including hilsa and rohu! (Now we are both happy.) We bough rohu today and cooked rui macher kalia (spicy carp fish curry), with tomatoes and onions, ground into a paste and cooked with fried fish. It was delicious.

Wet and juicy wings

Amit and I are huge fans of Buffalo Wild Wings, especially the Tuesday and Thursday deals of 60 cents per wing that is pocket friendly and delicious. We went to an orthopedic enter with a friend who broke his arm; he slipped on ice (another reason why I love snow but not ice). Next, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. We ordered 6 each of Asian Zing, Parmesan Garlic, Mango Habanero, and Blazing with blue cheese. The wings were delicious but too hot for the hot and spice favoring males. This was probably because of the extra juiciness and wetness of the wings. In fact, the wings were so hot that only did tears flow but we ordered cinnamon squares with caramel to sweeten our mouth.


while returning, we saw a greenish light in the late evening sky, a bright dark green. Amit decided that was simply natural light of some kind, our friend decided it was acid rain, and I argued for the advent of aliens. however, the real explanation was just the testing of some lights the stadium. The news can be found here.

As school is reopening on Monday, Amit rushed back to get print outs of articles from his office. He got a speeding ticket, his first,but was let off with a warning. Small blessings 🙂 . The ticket said, “This department believes that good citizens will comply with traffic laws when reminded of their provisions and of the importance of strict compliance with them.”

On a side note, I cleaned my wardrobe. Perks (while listening to loud music-this is the most important):
1. Yay! Finally sorted the clothes.
2. You discover so much space.
3. You unearth that piece of clothing that was went missing some time (weeks/months) ago.
4. You finally hit upon a brilliant idea to coordinate that top/dress/blouse/shirt that was an impulse buy and that can finally be worn out in public.

I am glad that I am updating this blog, somewhat regularly. Perhaps this will turn into something great as my astrological forecast predicts 🙂 .

Vegetarian eating

Sometimes, just sometimes it is a good idea to eat vegetarian meals. Not always, as both Amit and I will not be able to survive 😛 . Both our lunch and dinner were completely niramish (Bengali for vegetarian). Lunch was rice, moong dal (yellow split beans cooked with cashew nuts and cumin seeds), fried and cut bitter gourd, pickles, and cabbage with potatoes, peas, and cilantro. Moong dal is offered to gods during festivals, like theobrama (food for the gods). Dinner was cabbage, again, with paratha whose dough I made with flour, yogurt, and oil. Amit fried them and they were amazingly soft and delicious. Yum!

We started on the third season of The Tudors.

Food and football (soccer)

Food and football are two things that any Bengali can talk, discuss, dissect, kill, and die for, especially if it is one of the celebrated games between arch enemies Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. The rivalry is historic and important for any Bengali. There is a documentary , an article on World Soccer, and on The trailer of the documentary follows:

Actually the difference between football and soccer is something that I don’t get, not being a huge sports fan myself, unlike Amit. Give me good book any day. Xango has an informative infographic:


And BBC America has a good translation guide. The match that we watched today was at one of Amit’s friend’s house. The food served was chicken wings, turkey chili, white beans and chicken, another chicken dip, cookies, chips, onion dip, and drinks.

Lunch was heavy too. We went to Hunan Manor for the lunch buffet but realized that perhaps, J.D.China was a better option in terms of the money spent. Ah well, you live and you learn and you eat. 🙂

Netflix Marathons

Netflix is amazing, awesome, and addictive. Just one more episode, one moment, and I am done with this season, the next moment. How did that happen? Being movie and TV buffs, Amit and I are hooked onto Netflix. Apart from finishing House of Cards, Sherlock, Robin Hood and Luther recently, we have started on The Tudors. For some reason, we are going through a British/BBC phase.

I took the SGI Introductory Exam today and we watched two episodes back-to-back of The Tudors. As is that was not enough, we ended the day with Sherlock’s Season 3, Episode 1: The Empty Hearse. The new episode was eagerly waited for two years. The teaser only whetted the appetite.

My favorite part was  “Sherlock is not my boyfriend.” -John to Mrs. Hudson. However,

Mycroft Holmes: Baker Street? He isn’t there anymore. Why would he be? It’s been two years. He’s gone on with his life. Sherlock Holmes: What life? I’ve been away. 🙂

Sherlock has always been my favorite but the TV series is absolutely bloody brilliant 😉 . Benedict Cumberbatch is intelligent eye-candy and the character of Sherlock is not only a genius but has an attractive dry wit. The prequel “Many Happy Returns” was simple and effective.

Snow is predicted today. No, I am not fond of it, unless I am inside the house. Now to snuggle inside blankets while checking off survival list: scarf, jackets, socks, cap. Brrrr.