New year, old resolutions

There is something about the new year that brings out the Anne Frank Dear kitty in all of us. We want to start afresh on a new life trying to solve the same old problems. We want to look beautiful-er, be thinner, have an awesome-r relationship, be richer, and overall wonderful-er. But will and the mind are such things that can convince anything. So, no more resolutions for me (apart from writing a post everyday, already a day late).
So moving on. We have moved to a new place, a college town in the south where it snows (no yippee). Yes, ten inches of snow in fun but not the black ice nor the fear of slipping. So what did we do on New Year’s? Err, eat and sleep. What did we do today? Fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes all over again, especially the Apnts are Overrated piece that looks at a grown up Calvin:
We watched American Hustle at the AMC, and had chicken burritos for dinner. AMC has tickets for $4 for a matinee 🙂 The film was fun but Bradley Cooper was not his handsome self. Also I did not like that he got a raw deal. Jennifer Lawrence was her crazy delightful self, and Christian Bale and Amy Adams were their brilliant and amazing selves. A fun movie.

To read: Gala Darling’s ideas to make 2014 the best year ever!


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