Food and football (soccer)

Food and football are two things that any Bengali can talk, discuss, dissect, kill, and die for, especially if it is one of the celebrated games between arch enemies Mohun Bagan and East Bengal. The rivalry is historic and important for any Bengali. There is a documentary , an article on World Soccer, and on The trailer of the documentary follows:

Actually the difference between football and soccer is something that I don’t get, not being a huge sports fan myself, unlike Amit. Give me good book any day. Xango has an informative infographic:


And BBC America has a good translation guide. The match that we watched today was at one of Amit’s friend’s house. The food served was chicken wings, turkey chili, white beans and chicken, another chicken dip, cookies, chips, onion dip, and drinks.

Lunch was heavy too. We went to Hunan Manor for the lunch buffet but realized that perhaps, J.D.China was a better option in terms of the money spent. Ah well, you live and you learn and you eat. 🙂


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