Netflix Marathons

Netflix is amazing, awesome, and addictive. Just one more episode, one moment, and I am done with this season, the next moment. How did that happen? Being movie and TV buffs, Amit and I are hooked onto Netflix. Apart from finishing House of Cards, Sherlock, Robin Hood and Luther recently, we have started on The Tudors. For some reason, we are going through a British/BBC phase.

I took the SGI Introductory Exam today and we watched two episodes back-to-back of The Tudors. As is that was not enough, we ended the day with Sherlock’s Season 3, Episode 1: The Empty Hearse. The new episode was eagerly waited for two years. The teaser only whetted the appetite.

My favorite part was  “Sherlock is not my boyfriend.” -John to Mrs. Hudson. However,

Mycroft Holmes: Baker Street? He isn’t there anymore. Why would he be? It’s been two years. He’s gone on with his life. Sherlock Holmes: What life? I’ve been away. 🙂

Sherlock has always been my favorite but the TV series is absolutely bloody brilliant 😉 . Benedict Cumberbatch is intelligent eye-candy and the character of Sherlock is not only a genius but has an attractive dry wit. The prequel “Many Happy Returns” was simple and effective.

Snow is predicted today. No, I am not fond of it, unless I am inside the house. Now to snuggle inside blankets while checking off survival list: scarf, jackets, socks, cap. Brrrr.


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