Biryani- 5 kinds

There is something about biryani that brings out the foodie in each Indian. I think we should pass a law making it the national dish on India. And the best part is that there are so many kinds to choose from, catering to everyone: be i chicken mutton (lamb/goat), egg, or fish, or cooked in different styles like dum, or kacchii, or created in different regions imparting their peculiar flavors like Hyderabadi, Bengali, or Mughlai.

We decided to eat out today but could not decide between ribs, Chinese, or Mexican. Falling back on an Indian favorite, we decided to try the dinner buffet at Taj Indian Cuisine at Bentonville. The buffet was 12.5 but it had five different kinds if bryani: chicken, Hyderabadi dum chicken, vegetarian, fish, and goat. It also served raita, gajar ka halwa, and two other kinds of dessert. We both were in heaven!

chicken_biryaniPicture courtesy:


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