Food inspired by TV

Amit and and I are huge foodies. And even though, we are trying to reduce, I don’t see that happening. An example is our recent obsession with the TV series, Midsommer Murders. It is a British TV series that is based on the books by Caroline Graham. I haven’t read the books but the series came with a high recommendation. They are similar to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple in terms of the setting. Here is the trailer.

The protagonist is Detective Chief inspector Barnaby, a foodie. being inspired Amit cooked bread pudding which was delicious. We followed this recipe.

This followed by Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch as Barnaby and many other characters love to drink Scotch.

Lunch was roti and chickpeas with minced lamb.

Told you, not losing weight. Picture source: Life Little Story.



New year, old resolutions

There is something about the new year that brings out the Anne Frank Dear kitty in all of us. We want to start afresh on a new life trying to solve the same old problems. We want to look beautiful-er, be thinner, have an awesome-r relationship, be richer, and overall wonderful-er. But will and the mind are such things that can convince anything. So, no more resolutions for me (apart from writing a post everyday, already a day late).
So moving on. We have moved to a new place, a college town in the south where it snows (no yippee). Yes, ten inches of snow in fun but not the black ice nor the fear of slipping. So what did we do on New Year’s? Err, eat and sleep. What did we do today? Fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes all over again, especially the Apnts are Overrated piece that looks at a grown up Calvin:
We watched American Hustle at the AMC, and had chicken burritos for dinner. AMC has tickets for $4 for a matinee 🙂 The film was fun but Bradley Cooper was not his handsome self. Also I did not like that he got a raw deal. Jennifer Lawrence was her crazy delightful self, and Christian Bale and Amy Adams were their brilliant and amazing selves. A fun movie.

To read: Gala Darling’s ideas to make 2014 the best year ever!

Fearsome Friday

Apparently, the scariest day ever as it is Friday the 13th today. However, it was actually a good day. I stayed at home as I do not work on Fridays. Amit and I shopped for ingredients to make Chicken Biryani Kolkata Style. This is the recipe we followed.

Dinner was Chicken Biryani while watching the first part of Gangs of Wasseypur.


I am back! (Dumroll)

I have been away for so long. Guess maintaining a daily blog is not my cup of tea. But I will try. 

Places Amit and I visited together: Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida during the spring break.

Places I visited alone: Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. 

Places Amit visited during summer: home 😦 a.k.a India. But it is all right, I will visit in December. 

Movies I saw: many. 

Summer was spent cooking disasters. Also ate A Memphis Thang sandwich at Arcade Restaurant where Elvis Presley wrote songs while eating breakfast, Gibson’s Doughnuts where you can get the freshest doughnuts 24X7 from a little as 61 cents, Creme Brulatte and French Toast for breakfast at Cafe Eclectic and Arroz Con Pollo at Cafe Ole

I am working in the department over the summer- shredding ancient files, making inventories, updating the website, researching on study abroad programs, brainstorming to make the departmental website better and more up-to-date, and helping out in organizing files. The best part? I finally managed to beak the 5-year old shredder ;).

That is all that I can remember for now 😛

Filling Friday

For the tummy-filling and brain nourishing lunch.

After class today where we had a brainstorming session on potential topics, I went for lunch with my CAP at RP Tracks. I had a grilled chicken burrito which was a lot. RP has amazing food- good value for food. Got to know a few things about my University and we listed the things we wanted from our CAP sessions.

Went to the Health Center today. Spent a confusing on ehour at the library for my 3 topics for my seminar paper.

Amit got a haircut and compliments :). We went to a birthday party after meeting my classmate. Most of the girls at the party wanted my permission to be Amit’s date which suited me fine :D. Dinner was vegetable biryani, bhatura and black chole. Dessert was fried bread in sugar syrup- amazing.

Talkative Thursday

For the reason I was more or less quiet. Completed correcting homework and classwork- 4 sets of papers. Overslept slightly as Amit thought that I should catch up on my sleep.

The drama class wasn’t good simply because I don’t like Murder in the Cathedral. Was quite for most part of the class. Had a feeling of deja vu when my professor asked me to get 3 topics for the end-of-term seminar paper next week. I have also asked my students to get 3 topics for their researched argument. Life is strange 😦

Amit made potato fritters for dinner.


Worldly Wednesday

For the knowledge I got about the past.

Classes were all right though was sleepy in the afternoon class again. Anu and I watched A Soldier’s Story as a part of the commemoration of the black History Month at our University. Free pizza was an added bonus with a walk in the night drizzle. Denzel Washington was so young!

Amit completed one of his online exams.