Fun Friday

Yes! Friday is here (does a jig). MAde my students write rhetorical argument analyses and did my own work in the office hours, for  a change :P.

Had Ramen noodle for lunch with fried vegetables and omelette while watching Disney’s Tangled. Absolutely loved this. The following song  is my favorite which asks everyone to chase dreams.

We went to Silly Goose Lounge where one of our friends celebrated her second 25th birthday party. The first was held last week on the eve of her birthday which falls on January 28th, 2012. Coincidentally, Saraswati Puja was also on the same day. Unfortunately, I could not offer my prayers to her this year :(.  The best part at Silly Goose was when the DJ played the following song. After all, playing Bhangra in Memphis for Indians is special 🙂 We enjoyed ourselves. Dinner was McDonald’s Spicy McChicken at 2am.