Fun Friday

Yes! Friday is here (does a jig). MAde my students write rhetorical argument analyses and did my own work in the office hours, for  a change :P.

Had Ramen noodle for lunch with fried vegetables and omelette while watching Disney’s Tangled. Absolutely loved this. The following song  is my favorite which asks everyone to chase dreams.

We went to Silly Goose Lounge where one of our friends celebrated her second 25th birthday party. The first was held last week on the eve of her birthday which falls on January 28th, 2012. Coincidentally, Saraswati Puja was also on the same day. Unfortunately, I could not offer my prayers to her this year :(.  The best part at Silly Goose was when the DJ played the following song. After all, playing Bhangra in Memphis for Indians is special 🙂 We enjoyed ourselves. Dinner was McDonald’s Spicy McChicken at 2am.


Re-tiring Tuesdays

Thank god for that one day of the week where I neither have my own classes nor the classes that I teach- Tuesday. Well, kind of. I still have to an hour’s “fluff course” on alternate Tuesdays- but that is manageable.

Completed correcting the classwork and the stray homework assignments of my class. Got a request from a student for employment opportunities on campus and if I could look over her CV- this is a first. But this semester has seen quite a few first. My first class has 3 ROTC, a retired gentleman, a mother of a 2 1/2 year girl, a girl with 17 tattoos and a girl from Afghanistan.

Also completed my presentation on Rhetorical Analysis for my mentor’s observation tomorrow.

Ended the day with a beautiful smile on my face. There was this particular movie that I wanted to watch since its release, but was impossible. Amit managed to get it and we watched it with Spicy McChicken burgers from McDonald’s. Here is the trailer of the movie.

Sunday Dinner

Sundays are lazy and sad. There is always the tension of returning to school the next day. Amit, my husband, and I went shopping at Sam‘s for groceries. Had my first crabcake- and fallen in love 🙂 Dinner was parathas, dal and kheema matar. We used the following recipe but changed the kheema for ground turkey. It seemed as if we were at a restaurant with the delicious turkey and green peas.

We watched Up in the Air through Netflx. George Clooney was amazing. (Sigh. He is too handsome and witty)

Amit is always such a wonderful cook. Feel truly blessed!